compact welding and weld cladding system machine
Key Features
•  Compact layout
•  Rotating torch slides
•  Vertical and horizontal welding
•  Easy set up and control of welding parameters
•  User friendly touch panel interface
•  Monitor of all essential welding variables
•  Wide range of applications
•  Multiple turntable and positioner configurations
•  High precision torch slides for superior weld quality
•  Purchase or rental options
•   Valves bodies
•   Pipes
•   Ring grooves and seal areas
•   Cross bores and seat pockets
•   Tapered bores
•   The AC-1010 is a compact and highly versatile TIG Cladding system for all manners of overlay applications.
•   The small footprint allows the AC-1010 to maximise shop floor space whilst providing a wide range of advanced
     automatic functions for high-quality weld cladding of oil, gas and nuclear industry components.
•   Multiple turntables and positioners can be integrated to the system to expand the productivity and capability of the      
•   Job set up is fast and efficient with the easy-to-use interface and heavy-duty pendant remote control.
•   Real-time welding variable feedbacks are displayed to allow quality control of the process.
•   Affordable finance options including extended payment terms or rental contract.
*Turntable, positioner and adjustable pipe supporter are optional
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