We at PEC appreciate the value of your investment in our products. We are determined to offer the best value product that suits your exact needs. Thereafter, we will make sure that you are protected from technological obsolescence and early retirement of your welding system. Here are a few ways that we can help you:
With massive weld cladding experience, you can be guaranteed we have seen, experienced or know of most welding problems associated with the overlay of Oil & gas industry wellhead and subsea valves. Our engineers are highly trained, educated and experienced in weld cladding processes. They are some of the best in the welding/cladding industry that can provide genuine advice with a high degree of technical and commercial confidence. If we cannot help, we possibly know someone within the PEC user’s community who can provide the answer.
PEC systems have a guaranteed technological life of at least 10 years and a physical life in excess of this. We have systems as old as 21 years which are still in production. Regular servicing and repairs done to our standard and using genuine spares are a must. 6 monthly calibrations will ensure conformance with your auditors and customer's requirements.

All work is carried out by our own engineers or fully trained overseas representatives. An HSE audit and risk analysis is always performed if the installation has been moved or modified by the customer after installation.
Continual training of the welding engineers, welders and maintenance technicians is essential if to extract maximum performance out of your investment. All too often, we come across situations where the operator has little or no training on the fundamentals of weld cladding, parameter programming or welding techniques. In these situations, the operator has to 'learn on the job' and become semi-skilled after making expensive errors and wasting many months (or even years) of his company's resources. PEC can provide all the training required to establish a high level of proficiency in the weld shop from the beginning. Follow up training in the years to follow will increase machine output and uptime.
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For presales enquiries, product identification, competitive crosses, obsolete product alternatives or post-sale support, please contact PEC Support Team.
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