At PEC we believe that innovation is a journey, not a destination...
When you buy or rent a PEC weld cladding system, you are getting the very latest, tried and tested solutions to high productivity, high quality weld-cladding.

Innovation is at the heart of PEC's success

Over the 30 years we have been in business, PEC has pioneered many new processes and applications that are  now standard in the weld cladding/overlay industry.

This sets PEC apart from our competitors as we strive to develop systems that weld clad faster and with  greater accuracy and tackle complex weld cladding problems.
PEC Engineering Team
Staying at the forefront

At PEC we stay at the forefront of the overlay welding machine industry by innovating. To achieve this, we  conduct intensive research and development for many applications and industries
Working Closely with Customers

PEC work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs and also providing solutions that are  superior to any other manufacturer.
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Next Generation Systems

PEC continue to develop new methods, technologies and applications that give our customers more.
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