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Why PEC? Dedicated weld cladding equipment supplier.
At PEC we believe that innovation is a journey, not a destination. When you buy or rent a PEC weld cladding system, you are getting the very latest, tried and tested solutions to high productivity, high quality weld cladding. Constant development is the heart of PEC's success…
PEC’s systems are vital to the world’s leading wellhead manufacturers. By buying a cladding system from PEC,
you are joining a community of OEM...
TwinArc weld cladding overlay machine.
In order to increase TIG productivity
for fusion and weld overlay of larger components, PEC developed the TwinArc
Hotwire TIG process...
TwinArc Weld Cladding System 2020
Dedicated to
PEC specialise in weld cladding systems for the oil, gas and nuclear industries.
welding cladding hotwire torch
weld cladding twin arc hotwire
TwinArc™ HotWire TIG is up to 50% faster than a Single Arc HotWire TIG system.
Multi Bore Application
industry giants
Numerous clients worldwide prove PEC are the best solution for cladding automation.
Superior Quality In Welding Cladding Process.
Advanced automation from
PEC delivers the best welding
overlay results in the industry.
PEC Weld Cladding Flagship AC RTH TWA 2020
Decades of
Decades of working closely
with our world leading clients
has kept us ahead of competitors.
PEC Weld Cladding TWA 2020 System
PEC systems are manufactured using the highest quality
components, ensuring long life.
Designed for
PEC are the only business in the world who are totally dedicated to the design of equipment for weld cladding of Oil & Gas industry...
Compact automated weld cladding system.
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